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Kim Dylla from the Kung Fu Dykes made her debut as “Vulvatron” the new GWAR woman last night at Riot Fest.  I’m in love…

(click pic for HQ)
Eddie Martinez ‘Nomader’ Opening, Los Angeles, CA. 11/09/14
"Pustulus killed me and all I got was this bracelet"

First meal back in California.

Dave Brockie of Gwar with his Dogtown deck…
Today would have been his birthday.
I logged back into MySpace to find this. Even though we’d see each other all the time, photos of Dave and I are a rarity. I’d rather just spend the time talking to him than snapping after show photos. This shot is from Sounds Of The Underground 2006. My 3rd GWAR show. I, first met Dave in Bam’s kitchen after the GWAR/DBX/RAWG Viva La Bam Rex’s extravaganza. I was only bloody one at Bam’s for a good few hours. Dave came up to me and said, it looks like you saw GWAR tonight. I said yes sir and it was amazing and thanked him. He just smiled knowingly. For that first year, I was scared to ask for photos. So this is our first ever photo together. Happy Birthday Dave. I will never forget all our times, conversations, and memories.
Happy Birthday @jessmargera! Here’s a throwback to sitting and hanging out back of Mr Smalls during the Carver City tour.

{I know this is terrible but i tried ok} Lynz Way and Steve Righ?

GWAR BQ got messy